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  1. what beautiful pups.. there are 2 in my life. they belong to my son.I cant tell you how much I love this breed

  2. Good day. I am from Russia, Vladivostok, I wanted to thank you so much for your website. Watching your nursery through Instagram. I am not a Bordeaux dog breeder, but I have such a dog (a girl of two years), I dream to get another dog, so I watch and rejoice your kennel. In dreams, of course, to get a puppy from your kennel, but I understand that this is unreal. Therefore, with your permission, I will be watching your dogs.

  3. Beautiful family. I lost my best friend henry under anesthesia he was 3 1/2.

  4. Hello what a beautiful breed. I know the puppies are taken but I must say there’s something about the one name lady she’s just beautiful. Currently looking for a new dog for a companion for a 14-year-old dog that I have now. Looking at breed personalities how can you not love everything they say about these dogs . Respectfully Bill Brereton

  5. I met Cheri Today on the phone and I must say I feel like we are the best of friends now !
    She is very nice and truly loves Her Breed !
    Very nice Dogues and a beautiful Landscape to
    Compliment Her Pack ❤🐕❤

  6. Thank you so much Karen, can’t wait for you to receive your new puppy💜

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