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  1. what beautiful pups.. there are 2 in my life. they belong to my son.I cant tell you how much I love this breed

  2. Good day. I am from Russia, Vladivostok, I wanted to thank you so much for your website. Watching your nursery through Instagram. I am not a Bordeaux dog breeder, but I have such a dog (a girl of two years), I dream to get another dog, so I watch and rejoice your kennel. In dreams, of course, to get a puppy from your kennel, but I understand that this is unreal. Therefore, with your permission, I will be watching your dogs.

  3. Hello what a beautiful breed. I know the puppies are taken but I must say there’s something about the one name lady she’s just beautiful. Currently looking for a new dog for a companion for a 14-year-old dog that I have now. Looking at breed personalities how can you not love everything they say about these dogs . Respectfully Bill Brereton

  4. I met Cheri Today on the phone and I must say I feel like we are the best of friends now !
    She is very nice and truly loves Her Breed !
    Very nice Dogues and a beautiful Landscape to
    Compliment Her Pack ❤🐕❤

  5. Thank you so much Karen, can’t wait for you to receive your new puppy💜

  6. I love this Kennel and Cheri really loves Her Dogues.
    I met Her on the phone but we still talk and She is sooo Personable, great story She has ! I will be picking up my Pup come November… I cant wait to meet Her and all of the Dogues ! Best Kennel Ever
    Look at The Place and Dogues
    She really is living My Dream
    God Bless You Cheri ❤

  7. Met Cheri and David for the first time in February. Feel as though i have known them forever and will forever have them in our lives. I brought home Luis in February and Gertrude (Gertie) in August. I cannot express how amazing my experience was and what beautiful humans Cheri and David are. Their Dogues are truly amazing in EVERY way. Would and have recommended Almond Blossom to anyone who is interested in a DDB. I have never met a better breeder who truly cares about her animals and her people. Experiences in the past with other breeders makes me truly appreciate Cheri and her Dogues. By far the BEST breeder out there!!!

  8. thank you so much Tracy it was a pleasure meeting & hanging out with you & your mother in law Agnus.

  9. I love my Miss Orange Lexi and Miss Green Vallie! My Irish Girls. Thank you Cheri for my companions in life!

  10. Beautiful dogs! As a retired vet tech I am impressed with the health information you have provided and your puppy contract. They are reflective of a responsible, ethical, and transparent breeding program. I currently have dogs who are all in their teens, wouldn’t bring in a pup at this point, but I am grateful to have found you for the future.

  11. j’ai découvert votre élevage depuis deux ans sur Instagram. A chaque portée, ils sont tous plus beaux les uns que les autres. je rêverais d’avoir une petite fille de chez vous. mais il y a cette distance et je ne dois pas être la seule et ni la dernière. donc je les regarde dans l’espoir d’en avoir un de chez vous 🥰🥰

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